Willa vom Haus am Lerchenweg

Willa is our original GSD we got when she was just a puppy. She has been trained extensively and competes all around Northern America. She is the winner of the Canadian Sieger Show and the US National dog show in her class. She has also achieved the highest level of Schutzhund Training with an IPO3 title all before turning two years old.


Willa is a high energy, well-behaved dog. She loves playing with all types of other dogs and people alike.

*IPO3 before 24 months, IGP3

*Canadian Siegerin Winner SG 1, V7 USCA Sieger 2019


Li Bella Team Ulmental

Bella is the most recent addition to our Idaho home, coming straight from Germany. She is a large-sized, full-bodied, expressive Shepherd. She has a harmonious, correct front, pronounced withers, combined with a slightly sloping croup. She is very well angled in the fore and hindquarters. She is a protective and caring mother to her new puppies. Bella is a very curious and friendly dog.

Amy 2 year old BH.jpg

Amy vom Haus Autin

Amy is a big, strong, full-bodied Shepherd. She has a good head, high withers, straight back, sloping croup, good angulation, and a straight front. She has good gears and a calm and confident temperament.