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Mother: SG VV1(LGZS) 

Jarina d' Ulmental

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Bella is the most recent addition to our Idaho home, coming straight from Germany. She is a large-sized, full-bodied, expressive Shepherd. She has a harmonious, correct front, pronounced withers, combined with a slightly sloping croup. She is very well angled in the fore and hindquarters. She is a protective and caring mother to her new puppies. Bella is a very curious and friendly dog.

Daughter of VA3 + IPO3 Cronos del Serpio - (IPO3) Highest Level of German Shepherd disipline. Excelling in tracking, obedience, and protection. ​

Daughter of IPO1 +V V1(LGZS) Jarina d' Ulmental - (V1) Rated first place in competition

IPO1 - First Level of German Shepherd disipline. Excelling in obedience.

KKL - Passed official German Breed Survey.