K9Idao German Shepherd Puppies Northwest

Hi! My name is Vitaliy. In 1999, I moved from Ukraine to the Boise area. I raise my dogs in the Idaho mountains. My cabin and land has ample room for the dogs to run in the woods and play in the clear mountain rivers. I start their training young and make sure to work with all of my puppies to make sure they are well behaved and well socialized. It is important for me that my dogs have an even and confident temperament that allow them to both succeed in competition as well fit in with their new family. 

I have always enjoyed having dogs around for training and company. I trained my first dog when my (now grown) first was born. She was very protective over the baby but still very friendly to those she knew. This experience opened me up to training dogs for obedience and show.   I have traveled the US and Canada for shows and competitions and now spend all of my weekends working with the dogs.